"Wow. What can I say...they are absolutely gorgeous. I'm in awe, honestly. I can't thank you enough." - Erica M, 6/24/12


 "Chris, Thank you SO SO SO much!! These are beautiful!!!  How amazing to see the day all over again!" - Amanda B, 7/18/12


"Words cannot describe how happy we are with the pictures - they are so so perfect.  You did such a fabulous job, thank you." - Claire L, 8/21/12


"The pictures are wonderful! You are a gifted spirit. We truly enjoyed you. Thank you!" - Tammy G, 10/1/12


 "You're the best!! Thank you so much!" - Jaclyn W, 11/7/12


 "AMAZING!!!! They are fabulous. Thank you so much! It was worth the wait.  I'm so happy with them : )" - Jamie M, 12/17/12


"Thank you again for doing such a great job!" - Jillian B, 12/30/12


"The pictures look amazing thank you!!! :)" - Melissa P, 1/12/13


"The photos look wonderful and they truly were worth waiting for." - David P, 1/18/13


"Thank you so much again for our beautiful photos!!!" - Sarah P, 8/3/13


 "Thanks again for everything! Everyone has absolutely loved the photos." - Ria S, 8/5/13


"We looked through the pictures & they turned out so beautiful! Thank you so much again- you did an amazing job." - Kristine M, 8/13/13


"Thank you so much for a great experience on our special day!" - Molly H, 8/14/13


 "Thank you, thank you, thank you! They are so beautiful and we had the best time looking through all of them :) we can't wait to share them with our family and friends too!" - Ashley A, 9/7/13


 "Thank you so much! They look so great, we're really really happy :) You were so awesome to work with." - Hillary A, 9/19/13


 "Thank you again.... The pleasure was all ours!!!" - Sarah S, 9/28/13


 "Thank you! The pictures are amazing. I could not be happier with how they turned out." - Caitlyn M, 11/17/13


 "Wow!  All I can say is, WOW!"  - Christina A, 11/26/13


"I'm so happy!! Thank you so much!" - Taylor F, 11/29/13


 "Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding photos! They bring back a lot of special memories of the day - thank you so much. I really enjoyed looking at each one!! They're beautiful, and we're so happy to have them. You did a fantastic job." - Christine C, 12/1/13


"I also want to thank you again for all your hard work and I really must tell you, that I have gotten a ton of compliments on my selection of photographer simply because you were so much fun to work with, and our family really enjoyed your presence and personality. I am very grateful to you for doing so much to not only make the bridal party comfortable and for helping us to have fun while you were taking photos, but also that you were so present, charming and fun with my family, too. We truly wanted to surround ourselves on our wedding day with people who would not only help us to have fun and enjoy our big day, but who would also join in the fun with us and share in our joy." - Lindsey P, 12/11/13


 "Thank you so much for the pictures! They turned out beautifully!" - Danielle K, 1/2/14


"The pictures came out beautiful. Thank you for your work!!" - Megan B, 12/29/13


 "Thank you again for making everything so easy for all of us this weekend!  It was a pleasure working with you!" - Susan K, 8/4/2014


 "You're the best!!!" - Heather S, 8/11/14


"We are SOOO happy with our pictures!!!! They really turned out amazing and everyone is having fun looking at them!!! They are so incredible and we are so glad you had a great time too. Thanks for making our special day able to be cherished forever and doing an excellent job!!!" - Jackie P, 5/27/14


 "We just wanted to thank you for all that you did to help make our wedding day so incredible and for your efforts to capture it all on film." - Cara G, 8/13/14


 "Thank you so much! Absolutely wonderful! - Amanda B, 9/5/14


"I'm super excited about the engagement session photos!! They all look absolutely lovely..." - Rachael W, 9/22/14


 "Love the photos! I really feel it captured our day perfectly!" - Laura S, 10/23/14


 "You captured our wedding so well and we loved looking at them and remembering our day. :)  Thank you thank you thank you so much!!!" - Allison S, 11/9/14


 "Thanks Chris! They are great! We are so happy." - Amy H, 11/27/14


 "I just want to say thank you again for your lovely photos of our wedding. We appreciate your time and talent for memorializing our day." - Lorrie A, 6/11/15


 "Thank you for all of your hard work! We are so glad you were our wedding photographer!!" - Katie S, 8/18/2015


 "Wow, you are an amazing photographer!! We love all those moments you captured" - KJ W, 8/25/2015


 "Thank you again for all of your hard work! You made our day so amazing!! Thank you!!" - Kathryn A, 8/25/2015


 "Thank you so much! The pictures look wonderful and we really appreciate all of your hard work! You made our day truly unforgettable." - Jenna R, 9/23/15


 "YAY! We love them!!!! Seriously, thank you for taking the time, and having the eye to capture the big and small parts of our wedding day. We especially love the photos with the kids throughout the day-- staring at the cake, stacking cairns, their expressions, the thoughts in their eyes, we're so pleased." - Allison S, 10/13/15


 "My husband and I are so happy with all of the photos. We cannot thank you enough for capturing all of the special moments of our wedding day." - Amanda R, 11/2/15